Circumcision Protocol
The Jesin Circumcision Clinic

  1. We now send out emails to parents who book circumcisions to reinforce the information they get by phone when they book the date.

  2. We instruct the parents on the preparation of a syrup solution used to distract the babies during circumcision.

  3. Parents must come 1 hour before appointment so the staff can apply EMLA to reduce the sensation of the needle poke. Parents may wish to apply the cream at their own expense and our staff would explain how.

  4. Aftercare instructions will be explained and a written copy given to the parents. The aftercare only requires that Vaseline on gauze be applied for two days.

  5. Parents will be given the opportunity to consent to an extra analgesic procedure called a penile block. This consists of an injection of xylocaine, which should further reduce any pain that might be felt by the baby.

  6. Circumcision is often done today in hospitals or other clinics using one of several available methods involving various clamps. These can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Our procedure uses the "Mogen clamp". Using this instrument reduces the time to about one-minute, thereby also reducing the baby's discomfort.

  7. A free follow up visit may be scheduled at the request of the parents.

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