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Our Medical Practice has closed, however, Dr. Jesin continues to specialize in ritual and non-ritual circumcision. 

I will be in Toronto from June 27 until August 27, 2024 and available for circumcision. I will be available for Jewish brit milah for that entire time and for non ritual circumcision from July 9 until the 3rd week of August.
If you wish to book, call the office number: 416-635-5012 and carefully follow the appropriate prompts.
For non ritual circumcision, do not leave any messages before July 1.
Please do not call between Friday sundown and Sunday morning.
In the meantime, if you need to be in touch with me, please send an email to:

A Letter from Dr Aaron Jesin

Please note that my brit milah practice and circumcision clinic continue to be open and at your service.

Dr JesinIt has been a pleasure and honour to look after your health for these past years. Caring for my patients has been extremely fulfilling. It is now time to devote my attention, along with my wife, to our children, grandchildren and extended family. I am planning to retire from my family medical practice at the end of January 2022.

If you require access to your medical records, they are being stored at RSRS Medical Records Storage. RSRS can be reached at 416-398-0638.

As of January 26, 2022, Dr. Sasan Iraji will be taking over care of my family practice patients. Dr. Iraji spent several years in an orthopedic residency before switching to and completing a family practice residency. He worked for two years in the UK in family practice and two years in a practice in Mississauga.

Dr. Iraji can be reached at:
    Dr. Sasan Iraji
    935 Sheppard Ave. West, Unit 1,
    North York, ON
    M3H 2T7
    Tel: 416-635-6060

For more information, please visit our Medical Office page.

Jesin Circumcision Clinic
Circumcision should be a decision of the parents. This decision may be based on religion, culture, ethnicity, medical considerations, or individual choice.

The religions of Islam and Judaism require circumcision. For the special needs of the Jewish circumcision please see the web site pertaining to Brit milah.

As for the cultural, ethnic or individual choice for circumcision, these issues should be left to the parents.

Medical considerations are numerous: Link to Circumcision Page

Brit Milah, Jewish Circumcision
Brit milah, the covenant of circumcision, was commanded by God to Abraham over 3,700 years ago. It has been carried out faithfully, from generation to generation, even during times of religious and ethnic persecution when Jews were forced to practice their rituals in secret. In fact, the only time the Jewish people willingly desisted from this practice was during the 40 years of wandering in the Sinai wilderness. Before entering Canaan, every male was circumcised by Joshua. Link to Brit Milah Page

Dr. Aaron Jesin
The Jesin Circumcision Clinic
Israeli phone number: 052-399-4313
WhatsApp: +972523994313
Canada phone number: 1-416-635-5012

  Dr. Aaron Jesin