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Why Circumcise?

Circumcision should be a decision of the parents. This decision may be based on religion, culture, ethnicity, medical considerations, or individual choice.

  1. The religions of Islam and Judaism require circumcision. For the special needs of the Jewish circumcision please see the web site pertaining to Brit milah.

  2. As for the cultural, ethnic or individual choice for circumcision, these issues should be left to the parents.

  3. Medical considerations are numerous:
    1. Cancer of the Penis. This disease, which can be fatal, is non-existent in circumcised males.
    2. Urinary Tract Infections. Urinary tract infections are significantly reduced in the first year of life in circumcised males.
    3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). The transmission of STDs is significantly reduced when the male partner is circumcised. This includes HIV (AIDS). In the 7th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections, held in Vancouver, beginning January 30, 2000, a study by Calvin Cohen, MD was reported. This study was entitled, Ongoing Transmission: Causes, Cases, and Correlate - Viral Load and Risk of Heterosexual HIV Transmission. In this study, the following was reported: '''Of note, they reported that the risk of male-to-female transmission was the same as female-to-male, both showing about a 12% risk per year. A higher risk was noted in uncircumcised males, with a rate of 16.7%, while there were no seroconversions observed in the circumcised men (probability less than .0001).
    4. Medically Necessary Circumcisions. Approximately 10% of uncircumcised males will require circumcision, later in life, for medical reasons. This will incur greater cost and morbidity than infant circumcision. There are many absolute medical indications for circumcision:- phimosis, paraphimosis, repeated episodes of balanitis and balanoposthitis, hygienic care considerations, painful intercourse due to foreskin problems. Men who become quadriplegic or senile often have problems with urination. These men will require the use of an external aid in order to drain their bladders. Urologists agree that placement of such an external aid or appliance can only be done on a circumcised penis thereby requiring surgery at this late stage in life. Even the uncircumcised senile nursing home resident, who does not need an appliance, still requires the indignities of having a health care aide administer his daily penile hygiene. Late circumcision exposes the patient to risk of morbidity and mortality far greater than in the neonatal period. Obviously, the psychic damage in the young child or man is avoidable when infant circumcision has already been accomplished.

Booking and Preparing for Non-Ritual Circumcisions

  1. To book a non-ritual office circumcision please call the office at 416-635-5012. Then at the prompt, push “0” and “0” again to leave a message for the booker. She will call you back.

  2. That email will also contain a consent form for the circumcision procedure and the recommended dorsal block anaesthesia. The parents must read the form, sign it and bring it to the office on the day of the circumcision.

  3. Parents will be given the option of applying EMLA cream to assist in pain control. If they wish to use EMLA they will have to buy the cream and apply it at home one hour before the scheduled circumcision.

  4. Parents must come on time for the circumcision or risk losing their appointment.

  5. Aftercare instructions will be explained and a written copy given to the parents. The aftercare only requires that Vaseline on gauze be applied for two days.

  6. Circumcision is often done today in hospitals or other clinics using one of several available methods involving various clamps. These can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes. Our procedure uses the "Mogen clamp". Using this instrument reduces the time to about one-minute, thereby also reducing the baby's discomfort.

Post Circumcision Instructions

  1. For two days, each time you change the baby's diaper, wrap a new gauze with vaseline around the penis.

  2. During those two days, you may sponge bathe the baby but do not immerse him in water.

  3. After the two days, you may give him a full bath and you can stop the dressing changes.

  4. If there is every any significant bleeding, don't panic. As will be explained in the office, apply pressure to the base of the shaft and hold while calling me right away any time or day or night at 416-635-5012. If it is after hours, weekends or holidays, listencarefully to the instructions on the answering machine and leave a clear message with your name and PHONE NUMBER. The system will page me and you should get a call back almost right away. If you do not hear from us within 1/2 hour try one more time. If you still don't hear in 1/2 hour then go to emerg. This pertains ONLY to significant bleeding and not to a drop or so.

  5. Watch for signs of infection. You would see a pus-like liquid (not a film) which is runny, yellowish, greenish or clear.It may have a bad odour or be tinged with blood. It only needs to be treated with an ointment. It is normal to have a green or yellow film which is DRY and cannot be rubbed off. If you are not sure, please call.

  6. On day one, if the baby has been fed, changed, burped, picked up, cuddled and had his nap but still will not settle down, you can give him a dose of baby's tylenol or tempra. The dose will vary according to age and weight and can be found on the bottle. If needed, you can repeat this dose once after four to five hours.

Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

About Dr. Aaron Jesin

  • Performed over 18,000 circumcisions.
  • Studied under Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Eliezri and Dr. Isidore Cass.


  • High School Diploma: 1969 from Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT)
  • Honours Bachelor of Sciences Degree: 1973 from University of Toronto
  • Medical Degree: 1977 from University of Western Ontario
  • Rotating Internship: 1977-1978 at St. Joseph's Hospital, London, Ontario
  • Resident Year I in Internal Medicine: 1978-1979 at University of Western Ontario

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